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U Have To Choose A Side - Which Side Do U Choose❔If LEFT ↖️ Is False Christianity & RIGHT ↗️ Is True Christianity ❔
U Have To Choose A Side - Which Side Do U Choose❔If LEFT ↖️ Is False Christianity & RIGHT ↗️ Is True Christianity ❔

Question : What Is Sin/Sinning

Answer : Sins is every wrong thing U could do, like : Getting Jealous/envious of others 🟢 Doing substances & crimes 🟢 Being Covetous ie. Wanting the things or a life that someone else has..🟢 Being Greedy ie. Wanting more when U already have so much of stuff..🟢 Being Selfish ie. Keeping everything for yourself & Not sharing with the poor people 🟢 Being Unfair ie. Usually favouring the Undeserving people over the deserving people 🟢 Being LGBTQs coz it's a Lie that they were born this way...God never/would never create anyone as LGBTQs.. 🟢 Cheating to get what U want coz U're lazy & doNt want to Work for it 🟢 Lying about something/someone...🟢 being proud/pompous/arrogant..🟢 Committing adultery or fornication

(Not just because the Babylonians ie. All Non-christians pressure Everyone to sin or else suffer) But Also Because Those False Christians themselves wanted to Sin & the True/Real Christianity does NOT allow sin, They left True Christianity & created their Own Christianity ie. That cult/sect of False Christianity, where they can sin & still call themselves Christians...! 😦 Yes, This Means that even though they do Christian things, go to church, preach/teach from & read the same Bible as us, THEY are NOT saved, they're NOT gonna spend eternity in heaven 😧

Here's Some Differences Between False Christians & True Christians / between False Christianity & True Christianity ▶️

False Christians like the heathens are apart of Satan' Children - who sin, Only True Christians are Gods' Children who hate sin, don't sin & who live pure 🔶 Satan' Children love lies/half-truths/ political-correctness etc. & therefore live bound/in bondages, Gods' Children love truths & therefore live set-free.. 🔶 False Christianity allows Sin, True Christianity does Not allow Sin 🔶 The Fake (extra-loving..! 🤭) Jehovah/Jesus is in False Christianity, The Real (strict but still loving) Jehovah/Jesus is only in True Christianity 🔶 False Christianity like paganism is for Matriarchy, True Christianity is for Patriarchy 🔶 Living False Christianity, U're Living the guilty life of Lies (their money makes up for this -only according to them..!) ; Living True Christianity, U're Living the innocent life of Truths (& this makes up for our poverty..) ; 🔶 False Christianity is swamp waters, True Christianity is Pure Waters (False Christianity is like uncleaned food, True Christianity is like cleaned food 🤭) 🔶 False Christians take & follow the money...things that satisfy the flesh/thinking only about the human life.., True Christians take up their Cross & follow God..! 🔶  False Christians want pluralism (political name) & polytheism (theological name) /internationalism/globalism (which always ends in tribalism..! 🙃) = Democracy (False Christianity has played a big part in bringing about collectivism > communism > socialism > Globalism e.g. ➡️ & ), True Christians want Christian Nationalism = Theocracy 🔸False Christians are apart of the condemned sinners, True Christians are apart of the redeemed/saved righteous 🔸

Heathens & False Christians are always the losers, only we True Christians are always the winners! 👏

They're wolves under sheep' clothing & Some of the LIES False Christians Preach/Teach in this their cult of False Christianity Are ▶️

U can be redeemed/saved/righteous & do all the Christian things even when U sin coz Jesus paid it all for us on the cross (Isaiah 53:5; John 19:30), He died in our place for our sins so that we won't have to die to sin 🔸 We're Not under the law anymore (we can now sin while calling ourselves Christians & Not be condemned & God will forgive us, still loves us..) (Romans 6:14-15 ; Romans 10:4)🔸God loves U more than He hates your sins.. (John 3:16)🔸 God's Not looking for perfect people (while God says in Ephesians 5:27 that He IS looking for/wants only perfect people - A Pure ie. Without Sin church/body/bride ❗) 🔸 They are quick to cling to bible verses like John 5:24 that say "Just hear God' Bible Word preached, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & U will be saved & have eternal life" (⬅️ If it was this easy to be saved by God, then everyone on earth would be a Christian..❕🤨 ; They Chose to think that these verses mean that they really just have hear the bible word preached, believe it & they're saved - coz No one tells them that, that's only 1 part of Christianity & that they must also Focus on the other part of Christianity ie. They also have to actually Live God' Bible Word...) 🔸They Replaced guilt about their sinning With love & forgiveness about their sinning, They Replaced suffering for Christ With prosperity in Christ..

⬆️➡️ Yes, This Means that They've Made Changes To Gods' Bible Word (to suit their "just-in-case-we-sin-way-of-living) ,Which they're Not allowed to do coz Not even we righteous people are allowed to make changes to the Bible Word..❕False Christianity Is The Way The Sinners Want Christianity To Be..!

The TRUTH Is ▶️ U can be redeemed/saved/righteous/do all the Christian things & always be covered/protected by the Blood Of Jesus, Only when U live pure ie. Born-again & are now a new creation in/through Jesus Christ that lives Only the Bible Word 📖

In False Christianity, They preach what the Sinners Want to hear & Not the Truths they Need to hear, They preach their distorted interpretations/understandings of the Bible Word, They preach what THEY want the Bible Word to mean (& Not what its' verses Actually mean), They preach about everything else except the first main most important thing ie. Telling & making people to Stop their sinning (preaching only love, forgiveness & tolerance to their cult members ie. The False Christians - no wonder they are so weak, & like the heathens are quick to get offended..& call us negative, devils etc.) & no wonder the false christians are so quick to turn against God..leave Christianity/the church & become/live as atheists etc. ..the moment tragedies strike them..❗

Yes, Think of the different destructive people all around us that we hate so much ⬅️ False Christianity gave birth to them by disillusioning them by allowing SIN in their cult of False Christianity/In their False churches 😠 this is how they've only contributed to the destruction of this world ; Their 'love everybody & prosperity false christianity' only gave people the permission to Sin, to bring Sin into Christianity/The Church ⛪ & people have had the nerve to even keep Increasing in their sinning ⬅️ This has only contributed to the destruction of this world, Even though it has simultaneously spread Christianity worldwide..False Christianity Is NOT Working So, Quit It Already❗😠🔸In True Christianity, We preach the Truths & are always better of for it..& this is how we're the best & greatest world-changers❕

99% of everything U see/hear in today' churches, on christian radio/TV channels like TBN, FaithTV/MyFaithTV, Daystar, InspirationTV, GodTV etc./online platforms are by False Christians/of False Christianity (aka the Christian Left ; Only the false christians brought Sin & division into Christianity/The Church..divided it into left & right & into many denominations & celebrity pastors..) -They are actually heathens doing Christian things, calling themselves Christians ➖ doing alotta talking (speaking their Lies mixed with the Bible Word), telling people what they already know..& getting paid millions for it..even though they claim their ministries are section 501c non-profit organizations etc. ❕If they are NPOs & spend millions on spreading the gospel worldwide & on sending aid to 3rd-4th-world countries & crisis situations, & If they really spend all your donations on their projects/missions.. Howcome they themselves are still millionaires/multi-millionaires ❓❗ 😕 

[They doNt show us the monthly statements of all their projects/missions..for us to See that All of our donations really have been spent only on those projects/missions.. If U want something done right, Do it yourself ⬅️ Apply This To How U Donate your money in Christianity ➡️ Donate your money to world christian missions like etc., by yourself, on their website which U can do in just 10-20 minutes on your phone in your hands❕⬅️ This Way, at least U'll know what your money is being spent on & U'll never have to worry & wonder anymore, About How these televangelists etc. Are able to afford having private jets, mansions etc. For themselves❕😉] Are the owners of non-profit organizations where U live, millionaires or multi-millionaires ❓ No, they're not coz they get little to No funding from government & they rely on donations from the citizens ➖ Just So, the pastors of churches or these megachurches & the people running these Christian TV Channels & all who preach/teach on them are Not supposed to be rich, They're supposed to also be "poor" like all of our local non-profit orgs' owners are..🙂 ] 

False Christians & this their cult/sect of False Christianity Are NOT recognized by, approved of & accepted by the Real True Righteous God Jehovah/Jesus ; They are therefore Not supposed to be representing All Christians/Christianity Worldwide, We True Christians Obviously never want them representing us.. As for that 1% of pastors who try to be True Christians... (like Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, Angus Buchan etc. ) - What are they doing sharing the same christian TV channels as that 99% false christians ❓❗They're also making money from their preaching..! 

We Become Like The Company That We Keep ▶️ During Jan-April/2022, We saw how the famous & once very greatly respected David Jeremiah tried to remain a True Christian but the false christians on TBN or MyFaithTV..'forced' him to join them in their sinning against me & He did a bit..We "worshipped" him ,hey!..dont U just hate it when the few people that U "worship" choose to fail U by joining the heathens/false christians wherever, against U..❓❗ 🙁

This 4 month drama (Jan-April/2022 -Yeh, it was like a blow-by-blow knockout boxing match/screaming match battle/war..😦 -Yes, even though they have everything & I have nothing - They Lost ,I Won over all of them Coz God is only on the side of we True Christians✅😀) between these False Christian TV Channels & I made us see that like the heathens, They have alotta speakers but No problem-solvers (action-takers are problem-solvers) & are therefore only apart of the problems in this world 🌍 & have only contributed to the destruction of this world , These False Christians & heathens are Satan' Children who've made life so miserable & unliveable...❗

All of them are Not fixing America & the world & yet there they are making 💵 money 💵 from their preaching..(Any Church/TV & Online Channel/Organization that receives Tithes/Offerings/Donations from us must be held accountable for all that Money -At the end of every month, They must be able to tell & show us picture or video proof of what They did with all that Money -If They caNt do This, Then it means They are doing the crime/sin of pocketing that money -leaving the people poor..❗😦 😠 & Those Churches/Christian TV & Online Channels.. Not supposed to exist❗). They shouldNt have created that broadcasting system that makes them so much of money, that they can all afford to be millionaires/multi-milllionaires..! Are U Saying that anyone preaching/teaching the Bible Word, Not supposed to be rich ❓ Yes...If They were True Christians like me/us, they would spend all the money that they make from their broadcasting, They would spend it on ending poverty, unemployment, irresponsible immoral living etc. Worldwide especially In 3rd/4th countries.. ⬅️ If they did this Right thing daily for these 30-50 years, there'd be virtually No poverty etc. Now & the world would Still be such a nice place to live in❕They've been so busy swimming in their money all this time, that they forgot that Christianity is only about Saving People from 'eternity in Hell' & ensuring that everyone has at least a normal life..❕🤥

Just because they're so knowledgeable in the Bible Word (they have theology degrees etc.) & preach/teach from the Bible Word, They doNt want anyone speaking against their sinning 

🟠 When U speak against & expose their sinning, like the heathens, they'll call negative, devils, divisive, hateful, resentful, They'll say the LIE that we have BPD=Borderline Personality Disorder Or Bipolar Disorder Or call us Schizoids (which is short for schizophrenics) etc. ❕😧 (division, ugliness, disorders..& just every negative thing from Satan, Is all they know there in Babylon, So they brought all that negative stuff with them into Christianity ⬅️ This is their False Christianity, NOT our True Christianity (ie. The Christianity that God created for everyone to live❕✅) & they'll quote Bible verses like John 8: 7 to us 

🟠 When we point out their sinning & tell them to Stop their sinning, Just like the heathens who call us judgemental, These False Christians say we're judging them & we mustNt judge others but instead we must pray for them ⬅️ This is them taking the self-righteous route coz They doNt want to hear the truths, take correction & stop their sinning❕👎  When we write exposé posts like this about them, They say we're gaslighting them with our inflammatory talk❕ Guys, I didNt know that They were gas, that we could light up -lol❕🤣 They wanna Sin & then they wanna hide behind the preaching/teaching of the Bible Word & want/expect us to just forgive & overlook their sins & all of us carry on in sha la la ! 😦

People Got Deceived coz it happened gradually & Not suddenly & coz the few true christian preachers have been/still are sharing the same radio , TV & online channels as the false christian ones - The False Christian ones have really been blending in with the True christian ones (by the way they are also so knowledgeable in the Bible Word ,as the True christian ones) ◀️ & these has been Deceiving only the stupid people 🙁 People Got Deceived coz these False Christians put themselves under the umbrella of Christianity (& not hinduism for example), & Coz they preach from the same Bible (& not the quran for example) & use the same name of Jesus Christ (& not the name of Krishna for example) etc. As Us But the red flags started popping up..we began seeing this False Christianity esp. From the 1990s when they began singing their irritating secular christian songs (like Power Of Your Love & Shout To The Lord ,God Is Good..Hillsongs, Don Moen..) ⬅️ Yeh, U remember those❔We thought these were bad, but we had No idea of the worse secular crap songs to come..❕😥 those secular christian songs, which we kept hoping would go away but they never did but instead only got worse & worser❔❕😖

Here are some IDENTIFIERS of False Christians ▶️ 1️⃣. They look/dress & act like the heathens but call themselves Christians [their women would be seen wearing men' haircuts, tinted hair, makeup 💄, wearing pants which is mens' clothing (usually jeans👖), wearing figure-hugging/body-revealing clothes (🩱👙) etc. ; They would be seen with mics on stages in front of crowds (..female pastors like Joyce Meyer & those who she inspired to be like her & who've followed her example..Yeh, They are liked only by the false christians, we True Christians doNt respect her/them as She made her millions off the growing destructive Feminism/Matriarchy from the 90s to now..❕🤢) ; ⤴️ ➡️ These False Christians Chose To See this sinning of theirs, As "Christianity that needs to get with the times, now making progress & getting with the times.." ⬅️ "The sinful heart is deceitful above all things" As God Says In Jeremiah 17:9 😯 From 1980s-now, Many Millions of women intentionally destroyed their own families/their own husbands & children...No matter how many theology degrees etc. they have ,Women are Not qualified to & must never be pastors/preachers/teachers...with MICs ,behind pulpits on stages in front of crowds ⬅️ God meant Only for Men to speak from such places❗  ] 

2️⃣ . False Christians ,like the heathens ,are also big on the outward appearance coz this is a Huge way they deceive people So, when U doNt have an outward appearance like & fit in with them , They treat U like a leper - Adding to your suffering..! (& yes, like the heathens they get jealous/envious of us & use our outward appearances against us once they've seen our greatness..) 😠🙁 If U walk Into A Church & U See their woman/the female church members wearing makeup, styled hair, pants/tight/figure-hugging/revealing clothes & that they have female pastors ⬅️ This is the quickest way U can know that That's a False Christian Church -U Must Then Leave It Immediately..❗

3️⃣. False Christians, like the heathens ,are also big on love & forgiveness coz this is How they make their Money off the stupid masses of people (while if they lived nightmarish lives like ours, they would hate these sinners like we do..❕) & Coz this is another huge thing that only helps them continue their destruction of this world...(while if we did the Right thing of kill these Satan' Children, They would NOT get to destroy us anymore❗). I too know from daily lifelong experience, that loving & forgiving them does NOT work - Coz instead of becoming & living as civilised good decent human beings living only truths, They only become & live like demons living only lies..❗[like my mother -We gave her everything & we were so perfect in our quietness & All She a housewife had to do was : Shut Her Mouth.. Be Silent (speak only when she had something Helpful to say)❕ Stay Locked In Her Room - Out Of Our Way..! , Come Out Only To Do The Chores... ["Like the maid ❔ 🤭" ⬅️ Well, Alot of us wash our own clothes & dishes by ourselves everyday, Which leaves Less chores for them to do & then after that, They get to sit & watch TV the whole day, So what privledged maids they are..❕😠 They had a choice - They could've chosen to do the Right thing ie. Stay Single, living & working only for God their whole lives but they chose to do the Wrong thing of marry & have kids - So No one must ever feel sorry for wives/mothers ❕] Be Seen & Not Heard ❗& Live only For Us Her Husband & Children ❕⬅️ Coz This Is The Only Way To Have A Happy Family❗✅ - But she refused & made herself the 'head of the house' ,She chose to live as Satan towards us, She is a Materialistic pos who has No gratitude & appreciation for everything whatsoever.. Satan-possessed people take & take & take from us & They are Never satisfied - No matter how much U give them...! While we were obviously continuously So grateful & appreciative for the tiniest/smallest/simplest of things...]. 

Really, How many times must we tell people this ❓❗➡️ people who are exact opposites must never live under the same roof/in the same apartment/house coz if they do, Life would be Hell coz in reality, opposites do NOT attract ie. When in a family, the husband & wife being opposites only means a destroyed family...❕Because they chose to be stupid, countless millions of we innocents didNt have the normal life that we so deserved but had only a nightmarish life & that's unforgivable..❕Yeh, She was also an ugly fat bully as Most of Today' wives/mothers are ,who treated us like dirt while always expecting so much from us & destroyed us - with that satanic smurk/grin/laughing that's always plastered on their faces..! Everyday till she died...! 😖😠 ⬅️ This is most unforgivable..! Our Wives & Mothers are just supposed to naturally continuously loving & caring towards us, So if they're gonna have the nerve to be satan-possessed, All we can do is hate & kill them ,So we can then Replace them with woman who are naturally continuously loving & caring to us..❕👏

Emily : "False Christianity says God is love, God loves everyone, We doNt see race/skin colour here.." < Comment On This, Mam❓⬅️ The Blacks have gone on/are going on Using Democracy to destroy us (to come take our jobs, our companies/businesses away from us is how they are coming up in life - while bringing us down - They are middle-class & rich from having 1st made us poor - As we see everyday for 30 Years here in South Africa..!) & Yet, False Christianity has welcomed/accepted/embraced Blacks & allowed Blacks the enemies & all sinners to sit in our churches..❕😠 ⬅️ This is 1 of the red flags that caught these False Christians out, & Exposed to us that together with Democracy/Communism/Socialism & the rest of the long list, FALSE CHRISTIANITY IS APART OF THIS GLOBALISM , Which is of/from Satan - This Globalism which we are trying to completely & permanently End..❕(anything that opens the door for our enemies, is of globalism - We are protected & preserved from these parasitic races, only under our precious Nationalism❕👏)

WOMEN❗📢 Yall can live like the Boss only if yall are single mothers & especially only if yall are single. If Yall want to have your own way - constantly making noise disturbing..want to have all the space all for yourselves - Then U Stay Single❗ U doNt dare marry & become our wives & mothers❕Coz Yall are NOT allowed to live like the Boss, When Yall are Our wives/mothers (& when our dear dads are living in that same apartment/house as us) -Got that idiots❗❓ Good - & doNt Yall forget it either❗ (Example : with my mother & alot of them - If they're in the kitchen at the same time that We need to use the kitchen (to make ourselves a cup of tea or coffee or sandwich..) , These POSes will talk to us❕When we didNt go into the kitchen to talk to them Or for them to talk to us (They supposed to speak to us, Only we 1st speak to them)❕ 😤 ⬅️ This is 1 of the daily ways they anger us & make us hate them 💔, While If They just kept their mouths Shut, In Obedience To Us & let us do everything in Peace everyday - We would Love them so much..❕ ⬅️ & We shouldNt have to tell them this..❕That's right, We doNt care how lonely & miserable etc. They are & unappreciated/undervalued etc. They feel..they are NOT allowed to mess with us & take their misery out on us..Coz We are also lonely etc. But U doNt see us taking that out on them & on others..❕).

Our dads/fathers (at least just before they leave to work Everyday) are supposed to have been Real Men by telling our moms/mothers :"doNt irritate/ frustrate/anger & worry our children - Coz if U do, I'm gonna notice...& then I will divorce U & I will take the kids with me..! - Got that ❗❓ Good ! & doNt U forget it either..❗" ⬅️ But because our dads did Not say this to our moms everyday, our moms went on forever destroying us & everything..! 😢😠😓 I have to mention ➡️ 

(If Yall Would Ask The Kids :"Which parent do yall wanna live with❓" ⬅️ 7 out of 10 times, the kids will say :"We wanna live with Dad❕" Coz dads are SO cool - they love us, take care of us/provide everything for us & then they just leave us alone..! 🥰 🙂 ⬅️ this is the only way to be a parent/this is the only right way to parent) (Which is why, even though our dads did such a great Sin by marrying & having a family with our moms, We must still & will always love our dads over our moms ! 🙂), While it's our shit mothers who keep pestering/nagging/messing with/interfering with/abusing us - making us continuously Miserable that we just wanna die..! ⬅️ This Means : our shit mothers Never let us have peace/be peaceful, Our shit mothers keep creating all the problems/troubles/worries & then keep telling everyone the LIE that We the innocent children, are the problem..❕😠 😡 (Yes people, When our biological mothers are jealous/envious/hateful of & spread Lies about us, to get more money & things - They have stopped being humans, & have now crossed over the line into being demons / demon-possessed or satan-possessed ,by choice ⬅️ This is 1 of the Top 10 most Unforgivable things..!). 

Stijn, Liyakha, Rivka.. : "Mam, your enemies are trying to justify their War against U by telling us the Lies that U are being a problem child coz U doNt wanna go work & They're just trying to push U to go get a Job & your own life (& They want us to be Stupid & just believe & accept  their Lies & this Unacceptable justification of theirs & obviously your demon family & demon neighbors want Us to be cowards, selfish.. & leave U to just die there in that Hell, Coz like all demons, They wanna get away with the murder of Us..! ) < WHAT DO U HAVE TO SaAY ABOUT THIS❓❓" ⬅️ I'm here in South Africa where the black demons (⬅️ Yes, the black demons are the very very horrible black people/africans..!) are illegally in the majority & They have used Democracy > AA=Affirmative Action, BEE=Black Economic Empowerment etc. To come & take Our Jobs - leaving us withOut jobs, leaving us Unemployed ⬅️ On Top Of This, my shit family & neighbors here have been doing/still are doing War against me ➖ So Yall Should Only Expect me to be unemployed..❕My family has been destroying me everyday for all these decades - U caNt destroy a child & then tell that destroyed child to get a Job ⬅️ Life doesNt work this way..❕When U destroy us ⬅️ This is All U are gonna get... As my Family chose to destroy me, They got what they wanted ,They got to have fun destroying me everyday for all these decades, Thoroughly satisfying their demon selves..❕ (having non-veg food every other day - having chosen food over me/my needs..! 😠) & That's All they're gonna get..❕(When U push the child' needs aside & live for your food/weekly groceries/when after paying the bills, U're spending rest of the money buying food/weekly groceries (when U're supposed to spend that money on the child❕) U Are Abusing Your Child coz the child is then NOT getting what they need, to be enabled to go get a Job..!) 👏

If I was employed earning my own money & even if I looked like everyone else, They would have found Another reason to persecute me aka do war against me, So They're just Using my unemployment as an excuse & as a cover for this their war against me..❕Almost all of these my enemies here are also Unemployed ,So Why areNt They also being persecuted like I am being❓⬅️ This shows us that their war against me is NOT about me being unemployed - It's coz they are Satan' Children & I am God' Child & THEY wanna be free to sin & enjoy their sinful lives & They see me the righteous person as on their way - So they're trying to get rid of me/trying to remove me out of their way, So they can finally be FREE to enjoy their horrible cursed godless sinful/evil lives..❗⬅️ So Can U SEE how these idiots have gotten caught out..❗❓Even If I had a Job/was earning my own money, They would still be causing me all this suffering - I would still be going through this same suffering, Not just coz they're demons who have No respect for anyone but Coz I would still need to stay here in this Hell.. My money would Not give me the Peace that I want (only money in general, does NOT create & give us peace..!), Only ge...will..❕ 

Money isNt all, people.. & besides, Only cowards, weaklings.. would just pack their bags & move out/leave the place.. ⬅️ When we flee from our enemies, This is How Satan' Children get away with doing their crimes/sins/evils against us & is how they illegally get more land etc. from their sinning/evil living against us..(Muslims Stole most of the Mediterranean countries from the Whites because the Whites fled - Which is So embarrassing for the Whites btw, Coz the Whites were meant to stay & kill those Muslims < If only they did this, Whites would've gotten to keep & would Still have their countries today)❗😠 We Christ' Warriors, Stay &... We doNt flee from our enemies..❕🙌 🙂 If U believe & accept their lies, U're obviously a selfish coward person who doesNt wanna help me or U're a demon like them❕If U believe & accept my Truths, then U are a child of God❕Janis : "If the whole of Satan' Army were coming against U 24/7, U would also be in a terrible condition - So Stop asking Sam Mam for a picture of herself, guys..her looks should NOT be a prerequisite for Yall to help her ; "Beautiful while burning in Hell" exists only in Hollywood studios - NOT in real life.. ! ; If Yall want her to look beautiful While she's burning in Hell, U are NOT a man - U're a boy..!" ;

Zira & Yura : "Wow, Mam that's terrible..! 😥 Thanks so much for Unmasking your enemies for us Mam because, When we were asking them about U in recent years, They looked & acted like normal, decent ppl..& spoke only negative things about U & this didNt match.. (Yes, Their Lies doesNt match.., While Your Truths Sam Mam Does match how U look & live so we're really glad those idiots have gotten caught out...!) So, that was a red flag..We should've known that that meant : Your neighbors are criminals who are living like demon parasites off your poor family..❕😲🙁😠 Yes Mam, as we've been watching your family/neighbors everyday for these years, it's sickening to see how they're hiding like monkeys with their WiFi & satellite TVs inside their air-conditioned flats, keeping busy intentionally Sinning ie. doing Satan' work against U throughout the whole day everyday... ⬅️ This is them living devoted to Satan..! They are all Unemployed ! So, they never had/They doNt have the right to sin against U for being Unemployed..! Things are clear now..& anyone who's been listening to them & believing their lies about U & joining them - Have Actually Been Joining Satan' Army against U & anyone who's been giving Them info about U, has actually been giving that Satan' Army, info about U..❕😥😠 Coz 100s of them up against just U is so Unfair that, It can only be described as demonic..❕☹️ It's very Sad that for money sake, Your family/neighbors chose to stop living as humans & chose/agreed to live as demons against U..! 🙁 ; Your neighbors created this extra nightmarish life for U by doing all these crimes/sins/evils against U everyday for these 10+ very long years now, Because They're Unemployed & they're unemployed coz the Blacks came & took yall' jobs causing them to do crime for a living... - Why are Our races Unemployed, substance addicts & So sinful/evil living against us their own people❓❗ ⬅️ Answer : Because Blacks are living amoungst us... [⬅️ We know this, because under our dear White Apartheid of pre-1994 South Africa ,Even though we were very poor (lived in shacks, No tap water, No electricity..!), our lives were so nice - because Black ppl were NOT living amoungst us !] ↩️ This is how the Blacks are enjoying destroying us - So we have every right to hate & to want to completely & permanently Remove that black cancer of a black race Out of our lives/communities/towns/cities.. Ja, Die Swartes moes nie ons werk, maatskappye/besighede, ons plase ens kom vat het nie. weg van ons af..

✅ 👏"

Keiyah :"Guys, it seems like Sam' Mom started this whole thing..!" ⬅️ The dimwits (who doNt wanna let go of & are too comfortable in their sinful lives) Say : It all started with a tweet (While the beautiful mature people Say in agreement with me : It doesNt matter how it started, All that matters is : We're now completely & permanently Ending Globalism ie. Destroying Babylon & its' Babylonians - To Replace it all with Nationalism & only we righteous people living on this planet..we having inherited the earth, As God promised us he'd do..!) ✅ Yes people, my mother started this whole thing - decades ago (things like this doNt happen overnight, they almost always happen over decades - & one day, BOOM❗ the explosion 💥💥 happens 🤭). I thought my family was Poor but suddenly in 2014-2015 they got money from someone/somewhere & spent 💲multi millions paying my neighbors all around me here - To Destroy Me..! ⬅️ This is On Top Of my existing nightmarish life So, Yall caNt imagine my suffering people...! *screaming from this deepest darkest hell.. !* [Yes, Only by going on Lying to my family about everything & doing their evils against my family, is How my neighbors did the great Sin ,Not just Crime of : Extorting 💲Millions from my family.. 

(1st my enemies convinced themselves of these Lies, & Then they've been trying to convince everyone else of these Lies too..!) ➡️ 1️⃣. My Enemies' Lies Say I'm/We're rich - The Truth Is : I'm/We're poor therefore we live in a rental flat (if we were rich, we'd be living in a mansion in a rich suburb somewhere..if we were rich, I would've moved out 10-15 Years ago..!) ; 2️⃣. Their Lies Say I can go live with my sisters or relatives.., The Truth Is : I caNt go live go with them Coz they're heathens (Hindus🕉), I'm the only Christian in my family therefore I hate how sinfully they live (Only if they were True Christians like me, Then I would've gone & lived with them 10-15 Years ago ; my sister in the USA lives in the Worst blue state anyway & from her description of the ppl in that place ⬅️ It would be No different than here, I would hate living there !) - So No one can expect me to go live with them ,This flat I live in Is My Only Shelter therefore, even though the neighbors as Satan' Army is raging against me 24/7 (When my neighbors are Not sinning against me with their own mouths, They tell & pay the Blacks in this area to sin/do war against me..! Yes, my Hindu family & neighbors are joining the Blacks.. Like the Blacks, the Hindus also live against their own people ⬅️ Now Yall know why they are So cursed❗So No one must respect & have anything to do with Hindus either ✅) for almost 10 very long years now, I Refuse to leave this place coz there is just nowhere else for me to live (so ppl must Stop paying my shit neighbors to keep sinning ie. Doing war against me everyday..!). No one has the right to force me outta here, just because they doNt like us Christians..! ✅👏 My enemies know that this is my only shelter & yet they daily do war against me ⬅️ This Exposes that they're NOT just trying to make me move out from here.. But that they are trying to kill me (& because they know They are destroying me an innocent person, Is Why they are daily substance addicts - any money given to them is used mostly for their substances..! Satan' Children caNt do war against us withOut their Lies & substances..!). Lies destroys lives coz together with all sin, Lying is of/from Satan so we must Hate liars & lies & be against substances..! ; 3️⃣ . Their Lies Say : that angering me, gets results.. So they've told everyone else to also keep angering, verbally abuse me , The Truth Is : When people anger me, it is to destroy me So by angering me, They are only bringing more & more death on themselves & taking all those their fellow sinners Down with them.! ☠️ 

So, knowing so well that this is what the neighbors do to my family when I am Not here at home, I obviously caNt go out leaving my demon neighbors alone with my family - So to prevent my demon neighbors from Extorting money From my family (& forcing me to an early death..) is 1 of the Top 2 reasons why I caNt go out, I have to continuously stay at the Guardian of my family ; Andrzej, Serzhani & Laszlo ➡️ "Sam Mam caNt leave that place coz those stupid Satan' Children who have her surrounded there only look like humans, they're actually demons coz they live like demons.. & As they're having the nerve to be torturing Sam Mam 24/7 while she's locked indoors 24/7, We all know for a fact that her evil family, neighbors &.. Are just waiting for her to go out so they can get her killed (just so that they can enjoy their very horrible godless cursed sinful lives ⬅️ This is NOT a good or acceptable reason to harm & kill us Christian conservatives❗) & then they'll obviously act all innocent & pretend like they doNt know who killed Sam Mam.. & the stupid people will be deceived by their acting (⬅️ Crimes/Evil like this happen almost everyday/week/month in South Africa.. Satan' Children get to come against us like this, too much under Democracy ; Satan' Children are being united, in using Democracy to have us surrounded, to prevent us from making a move - As we caNt outside ⬅️ This means : They've Taken freedom completely away from us, Therefore, we so rightly want to completely & permanently End Democracy now❗).. Sam Mam has come too far in her tribulation (coz she's been suffering with her stupid evil family everyday of her life..then neighbors as well &... So, doNt look at her age of 37 - look at her too much suffering..!) - She doesNt deserve to die now.. She deserves to get her justice..! ✅"

If your neighbors were demons, torturing U 24/7 - Would yall let them come & get Money from your family❔❕ No, of course Not..❕; Peyton & Eliana ➡️ "Wait, Let me get this straight > Sam Mam is unemployed so obviously her bank balance is like zero.., She's suffering like U caNt imagine, She looks like that.. She's never gone near her enemies (her family, neighbors..) or said & done anything against them - & Yet, They've been living as Satan' Army doing War against just her...❓❗😲😠" "Correct..!" ⬅️ "Then, that means : She's the real thing..& qualified & meant to be our leader❕❔😀 " "Yes, it seems like God has qualified Sam Mam for this position..! 🙂 " ⬅️ Yes people, apparently we are so great that, Satan' Children see us as great threats & become Satan' Army doing war against us - even when we're unemployed...❕😠

Justin & Claude ➡️ "So, If Sam Mam has always been suffering & from a poor family - Where did her parents get the Money they gave to the neighbors all these Years❓❓ They either won the lotto & didNt tell but kept it secret from their daughter Sam Mam OR Sam' parents got the Money from her sisters Nancy & Natalie OR from her relatives on her mother' side of the family... Just As Sam suspects❕😲🙁" ⬅️ Yes, my sisters were away for 10 years from 2004-2014 - Only when they came back into our lives from 2014/2015, The neighbors got those 💲Millions from my family from 2014/2015 to now, So my sisters are my 1st suspects.. 😠 (If they were innocent, They will sit down with me & investigators alone & completely sober & look me in my eye & answer my questions one by one - But they've gone on/are going on Dodging me/this - Which Means : They are Guilty of this great sin/evil, as I suspect..❕😲😠🙁) ]

If everyone was destroying U - U would also stay continuously locked indoors) (Yes, because I wrote my 3 WordPress Blogposts ➡️ ; ; & this website from Hell, is why my writing is such a big deal , is why my writing is the way it is , is why people are NOT supposed to look for faults in my writing ➖ Ja people, my writing is definitely NOT for entertainment - my writing is meant to Move people to join us in Ending Democracy/Globalism Now❗) ➖ U would have to be the Most insane Satan-possessed person to spend 💲Millions destroying a suffering unemployed child like me.. But my mother is that most insane Satan-possessed person..! My family Is Pure Evil so doNt ever be deceived by them , just coz they look normal..!

Again I Repeat, I Really want to be sending traffic to my blogposts but I'm Not sending traffic to my "End Globalism" WordPress Blogpost Because there's someone/people who are watching everything I do online (they keep coming against all the sites that I'm with, to prevent me from progressing..! [They're Not just seeing/watching everything I'm doing online - They're Also Not just cursing all the Income Opps that I'm trying but They're Also messing up every site I'm registered with - They tell my sites to dysfunction or become a Scam - To Rob Me of even the Scraps that I'm suffering & slowly collecting/getting everyday..! 😢  They're causing more & more of my sites (even to go to : "This site caNt be reached" 😠] & They have complete control of the mobile data that I use to use the internet (& THEY will probably try to do this same thing, If I was using WiFi data)❕😠 Therefore, that Daily 500MB mobile data that could last me for 5 hours, THEY (it could be my family members, my neighbors, the workers at MTN & CellC..) Make It Last Me For Only 1-2 hours ⬅️ That's Howcome I'm online for only 1-2 hours everyday! 

[Remember, When I send traffic to my blogposts, These cyberstalkers etc. AKA Demons punish me for it by making my mobile data to finish in 1-2 hours ⬅️ (Which Means : What I wrote there about blacks & democracy in that end globalism wordpress blogpost, is True & NOT hate speech...! ). They see when I unlock my homescreen putting my phone on, They see when I get online, They see the apps & browsers I'm using, The sites I visit, What I do on those sites..They see everything - Even though They use WiFi data & I use mobile data - So How Are They able to see when I get online...I almost never use the Google apps & stuff on my phone, I'm using a VPN...❓❗I guess they have Spyware etc. In this phone of mine.. & Even when I'm online for these mingy 1-2 hours, THEY (my family & neighbors..) Sin so much against me so that I wouldNt get anything done right & I wouldNt progress & They just doNt want me being online at all ⬅️ Because of my evil family & neighbors, I doNt get to watch TV (While They get to watch TV the whole day everyday) or do much of anything & On Top Of All This, They doNt want me being online for even 1-2 hours everyday (While They get to be online the whole day everyday) - So Look at how Unfair/cruel.. Satan' Children are..Therefore, We so rightly Hate them..!❕😠 

About These Cyberstalkers, It reminded me of this ➡️Since around 25/April/2023, I stopped receiving those Rumble, RVM.. Emails I was subscribed to & I wondered what happened/why have they stopped coming through to my mailbox ,These are the only 2 shocking possibilities I came up with ➡️ Either Rumble , RVM etc. Unsubscribed Me From their emails.. OR this CyberStalker did - because I didNt.. ⬅️ This Means : that the way I was going on sharing their Videos on social media ⬅️ It was reaching people & They were Waking Up... & Our enemies see that as a Threat to their Great Reset ,SO they Unsubscribed me from those emails Or are Blocking those emails from coming to my mailbox Coz They know that I've been sharing them, from those emails.. So that I would Not share their (Alex Jones ,Jason Bermas (check out this guy' doccies..! ➡️ ) etc.' Videos..❕(If these cyberstalkers can be blocking the 10-20 views a day I'm sending to my blogposts seeing just those 10-20 views as a Threat, They would definitely block all these conservative sites' traffic from reaching us & everyone else) 😲 I read my emails 📧 Everyday, So if/when I'm NOT sharing your emails ⬅️ It's because I'm NOT receiving them, our enemies are Redirecting your emails to somewhere else..❕

I just learnt that ppl might be using AI to be stalking me & wreaking havoc on my online life..! On 7/May/2023, I checked & saw that I'm still "Following" the 12 Rumble Channels.. & I may still be subscribed to the RVM Channels' emails but I guess the AI is Blocking those emails from coming through to my mailbox (I check my spam folder everyday, They're Not there either..) ⬅️ This is why Since esp. End of April/2023 last month, I haveNt been sharing those Rumble & RVM videos on all my social media accts..❕🙁 Getting those videos by email made it like easy to Share those videos to my SM accts While now, if I wanna share those Rumble & RVM Channels' videos, I have to go to each of those guy' channels... ⬅️ this is gonna eat up more time & data which means we woNt have esp. data for all the other things we need to do..! 😠 I wonder how many other people they're doing this to..! If On Top Of everything else, They're now also using AI to Censor, silence & seperate us to bring us down ⬅️ Then, This is apart of their extreme cheating.. It's very Unfair to us coz most of us are poor.. 🙁 The rich are supposed to go against their Fellow rich people, Not come against us the poor people..!

End of April going into May, The RVM website is shaky..❔On/From 9/May/2023, at least 1 RVM videos email is coming through but on 12/May/2023, When I'm clicking on any of the videos in that RVM email that's sent From , They're going to : "This site caNt be reached ' server IP address could Not be found..." 🙁 But I'm able to view the videos in their email From & by 22/May/2023 (so for almost 1 month now !) there's still No OANN, Alex Jones..Rumble videos email coming through.. 🙁 But I do get SGT, Graham Ledger' ,JB' & Wayne' rumble videos emails once or twice a week. OANN, Alex Jones.. should try sending me at least 1 email with the 10 or 15 Most important ie. Anti- corruption..Anti-globalists videos, per week OR let's hope they're on All the conservo SM sites so we can follow them there & let's hope that there, They post those videos So we can just repost those videos posts there..! 

These demons are doing everything they can to destroy me coz Truths is their great enemy, As it exposes all their destruction.. & I guess is turning alot of their own followers against them & these Demons are as Mad as Hell about this & are Expressing this madness of theirs - Through their continuous/constant extreme Sinning against me/us..❕ & I speak only truths so..]

Because of this Democracy, We have enemies ie. Satan' Children - everywhere Who want to have  complete Control of us & our lives So, They keep coming against every bit of us & our things to prevent us from progressing... Therefore, We So Rightly Want To Completely & Permanently End Democracy❕It's NOT me failing (I'm sending traffic to my blogposts - the sites I'm advertising my blogposts on are still showing my blogposts & that my blogposts are getting views but these cyberstalkers have intercepted that traffic flow & are blocking those sites' traffic from going to/reaching my blogposts - I know this coz I checked my WordPress stats page & It didNt show those views/visitors that those advertising sites showed me ⬅️ This is how these cyberstalkers got caught ; It could also be WordPress intentionally Sinning against me..coz I read somewhere someone wrote once, that WordPress' jetpack didNt Honestly do its' job - it wasNt showing their correct amount of views.. eg. They were sending 100 visitors a day to their blogpost but WordPress' jetpack was showing only 40 of that 100 visitors.. 👎😠🙁 So, Yall must Not check only your advertising sites' ad' stats, Yall must Also check your website'/blog' analytics/stats page for those views.. (If U send 20 visitors From site xyz, 20 visitors must show on your website'/blog' analytics/stats page 🔛 it must match on both sides) Everyday, if yall can help it..❕👍 ) ; When I was sending just 10-15 visitors to my blogpost, It was showing on my WordPress stats page but then it stopped showing ⬅️ So I guess this is when our enemies were diverting/Redirecting my visitors to somewhere else ! 😠 ➖ Instead of seeing me as failing us - Yall must do the Right thing of : Find & kill the person/people who are robbing me my mobile data (to prevent me from being online), So that I will once again be able to also send traffic to my blogposts❗

Vesna :"Mam mentions the word "demons" often..❔" ⬅️ I mention that word often, because Demons created this Democracy/Globalism Evil to benefit only themselves, It favours them - Satan' Children, therefore They've gone on prospering from all their different types of criminal lifestyles & gone on multiplying & enjoying themselves while destroying everything ! & it's we good people who are suffering & are being silenced ! So, doNt be sitting-ducks anymore - it's time to rise up as God' Army against that Satan' Army all around win❕🤺

Wesley : "Mam, the weaklings who caNt handle your truthful writing, the criminals etc. Are saying that your writing is U : "airing your dirty laundry in public" (yet, They have No problem when their celebrities air their dirty laundry out in public..!? ). Since when, is giving our testimony us : "airing our dirty laundry.."❔❕ ⬅️ Comment On This❔❔" ⬅️ Lots of ppl are telling Lies about me coz They are demon-possessed ppl who are enjoying seeing me suffering from this, SO through my writing, I'm telling ppl the truths so that they will STOP believing & functioning according to the lies about me & Start functioning according to the truths about me ; If I stayed quiet (& kept my skin clear - It's common sense that as my family & neighbors have done/are doing everything they can to cover up their persecution of me, If I kept my skin clear - How would yall be able to know that they're destroying me in here❔❕Yall would think that I'm lying - if I kept my skin clear..❕ While my unclear skin/terrible condition of these 2 decades, was/is proof of my suffering & exposed these my evil family & neighbors (coz They're meant to be punished..only then, They're gonna Stop their evil living against me❕)), I would be covering up for all my enemies/demon-possessed ppl & letting ppl believe Their Lies about me - we must Never fear for & cover up for them nor protect them, We must always Expose these demon-possessed ppl all around us..!#QAnon ! (QAnon Means : Telling the truth, which naturally exposes evildoers.. QAnon has Nothing with white supremacists, conspiracy theorists as the left say !), While at least now ppl know why I am & my writings are the way we are 🙂  I have to mention my suffering because It Is the reason Howcome I'm in the picture, While if only my stupid family & neighbors lived as perfect True Christians like me, all my suffering would NOT have happened & I would NOT now be in the picture & maybe Trump would be the Prez too now ! So, Never put we quiet ppl ie. We introverts through suffering ie. We must Never Sin & CAN U SEE how important it is to live as True Christians like me ❓❗😠 I hope Yall have finally permanently learnt these 2 ⬆️ very important lessons❕


Coz the deal in Every family/home is : The wife/mother must obey/continuously live in Obedience to her husband & children Coz this is the only way She can earn & get their love & respect...❕ God Made The Husband/Father To Be The Head Of The House 🏠 ⬅️ It Must Forever Remain This Way❗🏡 O, What❔ U Also had a wife/mother/aunt/sister.. like my evil s*** mother & U Also survived & remained perfect during it all & after ,like me..❓❗😃 Then Welcome To The Victors Club, Not victims club -No, It's The Victors Club❕..Only We True Christians are naturally continuously the most victorious triumphant winners..❕Hugs ! 🥰 ]

4️⃣. False Christians, like the heathens ,Hate seeing/hearing TRUTHS ie. Words that speak against their sinning therefore, If U speak truths in Christian groups on reddit or on facebook or on quora or on christian forums sites, They call U "troll" "freak" "narcissist/fascist/misogynist/racist/far-right extremist" OR just delete your answer OR ban & remove U from the group or site (usually withOut explanation..!) ◀️ in this way is how they kick us out Coz They actually wanna remain living in their world of deceit/lies..! 😦 They ask a question as if they really want the truthful answer but kick us out ie. kick truths out Which Means They doNt want a truthful answer..;  They kick Truths out but say they are there looking for good godly Christian counsel about something ! 🙃 Can U see how stupid false christians are ?! Coz U caNt get good christian godly counsel withOut Truths..❕⤴️↪️ This Proves that they are Satan' Children coz God' Children Love seeing/hearing Truths coz truths are life-giving (it cleanses us & nourishes us From the deepest parts of us To the outmost parts of us..! 😍)

5️⃣. False Christians, like the heathens ,also go for the Money..they're quick to join the heathens against us the moment they sniff Money..😲 6️⃣. False Christians, like the heathens ,Sin more ,The more U tell them to Stop their sinning..❕😠 They keep intentionally angering us ,To destroy us ,To get rid of us So that then, with No true christians on their way to correct/chastise them, they will feel/be Free To Sin -Just them & their sins -just the way they like it..❕😢 When they keep angering us ⬅️ This is apart of their sinning ,Which they always Hide Behind ,& It covers up the fact that their weak pathetic selves are usually in bad/terrible conditions..

7️⃣. When The False Christians come to know of your terrible situation - Just like the heathens, Instead of doing the Right thing of killing your abusers/persecutors for U (coz this is the only way to set us free from the evil people in our lives) ,They Choose to do the Wrong things of : 1️⃣. Tell U to get sorted out (when U are already sorted out..!), 2️⃣. They'll Say U're playing the blame game (blaming your abusive family for your problems..) ⬅️ They Do these wrong responses, As An Excuse To NOT help us..& this is 1 of the Reasons why most people doNt get the lifesaving help they need/want in time (& if they eventually get help, it's always too late..😢)

8️⃣. False Christians Ask shocking Questions & Say Things Like : "Is Obesity A Sin❓" [U would find Fat people in their churches ⬅️ This shows us that They're NOT correcting people/their members & therefore U would hear of scandals, abuse cases etc. happening in these False churches ⬅️ & that means those are false christians/false churches COZ Churches Are Supposed To Be Correction Centres, Where beforehand/before going into that church, Everyone just knows They are gonna be corrected..❕ ⬅️ So if this is Not happening there/If they're Not being corrected - Then those are false churches 💁‍♂️ in which case, stay far away from it !] & "Should U Say Homosexuality Is A Sin❓ God hates only the sin, Not the sinner ,So homosexuals are welcome in this church!" "Should Christians Be Involved In Politics❓" (⬅️ Again, this is shocking As it shows us that they're spectators to the Democratic/

Communist Destruction of their countries - Coz Christians Are Supposed To Be Everywhere In Politics...!) & "Should We Get A Covid Vaccine❓" (they ask this, even though millions of people are becoming disabled Or dying after being injected with a Covid Vaccine❕☹️) & "Do U Bring Your Bible To Church❓" (⬅️ this shows us what they do / what it's like inside their churches..shocking❕Coz it's like a prerequisite that everyone Supposed to carry either the physical or digital versions of their Bibles with them to every church service..!) - These Show Us How They Hold Onto Their Sins..❕🤥 ⬅️ Anyone who holds onto his sins, is Not a Christian❕&

"Should a pastor step down when he commits adultery ❓" ⬅️ We say : Such people are Not supposed to become pastors/bishops/reverends etc. ,in the 1st place ; Only people who are dead to sin, are allowed to become pastors etc.❗& "Do U Think There Is A Need To Cast Out Demons Today❓" ⬅️ False Christians would ask this Not just because They doNt know how to cast out demons, But because False Christians are demon-possessed themselves..! ; Everyday we must cast out demons, Until there are No demon-possessed people left on earth❕😆👍  &

"Should Americans Be Angry...❓" ⬅️ Not being angry, has only opened the door for all the parasites to come in & spoil & destroy everything..! Combined with devout Christianity, Everyday Everyone must be angry - So that we'll be Moved to destroy sinners < Coz the sinners do the sinning, U caNt destroy the sin, WithOut destroying the sinners❕✅ &

Should illegal immigrants get free health care in the USA❓⬅️ We know, illegals are NOT supposed to be in our countries to begin with, They certainly are NOT supposed to get "free health care" ,Welfare.. ⬅️ Nothing is free, The poor Taxpayers (ie. The people who have Jobs in Companies/Businesses) are always paying for all that "free stuff" the poor/unemployed/illegals get ➖ & There's Not / nowhere near Enough Taxpayers, so there Not supposed to be millions of people getting "free stuff"❗

False Christianity is apart of Globalism'/Democracy'/Cultural Marxism❕➡️

9️⃣. Now from May/2022 that they're the most determined to deceive, to rebuild & restore this their cult of False Christianity back to its' former glory (of the 1990s-Nov/2021) coz their salaries depend on it, The Main Identifier then Is : See if they are persecuted, poor & suffering for Christ like us ⬅️ If they're Not, Then It Means they're Not speaking against Sin & are therefore Not being persecuted by the sinners, which means they doNt have the Mark Of Jesus on them & are false christians (the Mark Of Jesus on U is : being truly born-again, living continuously righteously... Just like how the sinners have the Mark Of The Beast/Satan on them (Revelations 13: 16-18), which for now, is : Their Sinning/they're always so quick to sin & to join everyone else in sinning... - as if they caNt See God...🙁 ) ; If Jesus & His Disciples did Not speak against Sin, They too would've been rich with nice comfortable lives, But they wereNt Instead, they were persecuted Coz like us, They spoke against Sin ➖ Just So, most pastors/televangelists... Are Rich coz they doNt speak against Sin ❎ , If they spoke against Sin & did Not allow sinners in their churches, They too would be Jesus & we His Disciples.. ✅ Everyday Is A 2nd Chance -All these pastors etc. Had everyday for at least 30 Years (that's at least 10950 Chances!) to do the Right thing - & they didNt/they chose Not to❕🤨 ⬅️ This Means Now they caNt be trusted/we caNt trust them..They doNt deserve another chance...; Everyone Has to Earn our trust, love & forgiveness & the only way they can earn it, is by being poor & suffering for Christ like us & by solving & fixing the problems that daily plague us all❗✅

The Days of going to church being : singing praise & worship songs, listening to preaching & then going home -was Over at least 20 years ago❕ Since then, Christians/The Church supposed to have been such a big part of government.. The Next Time U Are Invited To Go To A Church Or To Watch A Christian TV or Online Channel, streaming service...First Ask Them Questions Like : 1️⃣. How Are they solving all of our problems (like : unemployment/ poverty/crime...) & How are they fixing America 🇺🇲 & the world ❓❓ Ask Them : 2️⃣. What Did Their Church or TV Channel Do to get Mr Donald Trump re-elected as President in 2020 or What did they do to expose & stop the Voter Fraud that Robbed Mr Donald Trump of a 2ndTerm as President in/from 2020 ❓❓( & & ) 

⬆️⬅️ People, I clearly fully supported/was also an #UltraMAGA supporter of Trump BEFORE I learnt in 2022 last year, that he's apart of the Freemasons society...he's apart of the Globalists crowd - like the rest of the candidates 😦 [Which is Sad coz he looks & sounds like such a Nice guy, he talks & acts like the US President - Therefore I too was deceived about him for the past 30 years & especially from 2016 into 2022 last year but from mid-2022 to now mar/2023, I have been seeing/reading truths about him.. [When I wasNt even looking for "truths about Trump, DeSantis" etc. Coz, I Really thought they were like us, Coz they really look & act like us, doNt they ?! Yes, they do..! 🙁 When the people running for President & Vice President are millionaires & try to get the Blacks, Illegals' Votes (⬅️ This Means : They are For Democracy, Which is apart of this Globalism evil) ⬅️ These are 2 things that are Red Flags that immediately tell U to Not vote for them❕] 😢 but he's NOT a true Christian & true hardline conservative like us..! Alotta Famous People in even so-called conservative Media are backing Trump not just to get Trump' fans/supporters as their viewers & not just coz Trump's the best of all the candidates in America (yes, Only those Americans who think only of themselves, who live selfishly & in a bubble.. - as if there are NO people suffering in 3rd-world countries ➖ are quick to say :" Trump's Not perfect but he can get the job done, look at how much he did in just the 4 years of his 1st term as President from 2016-2020..!" 🙄) but Because They are so used to living under & benefiting from this globalism that they caNt imagine living withOut or out of this problem-filled globalism /democracy nightmare ➖ Media people & Politicians make their money from this globalism (daily reporting on all the crisis the Globalists constantly create for us..!) - The Media people & Politicians are with the Globalists against us ;

By them living in the same old way, They're Choosing The Money Over The Country & its' People..! 😦 ) - Yes, that means They are apart of all the Corrupt sinful evil people out there who are destroying America/every country , Therefore Yall must NOT follow their example.. ; To Stop being traitors & guilty, If They Really wanna be like us, If They're really on our side ,All these Media people & Politicians have to do is : Change Careers - Go get new different Jobs - Jobs that does NOT need globalism, in order to thrive..❕] - Which Means Americans doNt have a leader (& Neither do we Worldwide..!) , They are sheep withOut a shepherd (& so are we..!) 🙁 We The People Are DAILY screaming & saying : We've Got Too Many Problems, We're now a 3rd-world country owned by China..!, We are tired of high inflation & recessions, We doNt want the dollar/our fiat currencies to crash, We doNt want WW3 or the apocalypse/Armageddon.. Electing Trump is NOT the Solution, Only killing all the evil people - is the solution❗👏

Ysabel : "Besides, We like Trump but We Like Sam Mam More Coz she can relate More to us Coz she has suffered everyday of her life all alone, While Trump has been living a millionaire lifestyle surrounded by loving supportive people..for a few decades to now.. He does NOT know our suffering & he therefore caNt relate to us..! Once these politicians get elected, They always choose to play politics ⬅️ They always choose this over us ! (Because they have NOT suffered like us/they doNt know real suffering like we do, IS WHY they doNt kill our enemies like We want them to) (They Fire them instead, leaving those dangerous Satan' Children on the loose, to keep causing us problems ! - So, how stupid even these millionaire politicians are, hey ❕❔😠), Instead they let our enemies live & multiply - So that these evil people will outnumber us good people so we good people will keep losing & give that evil people will get to come & take everything, all for themselves..❕😠

So we doNt have to vote for them, No matter how much the media puts them in our faces, forcing us to vote for them..❕😠) While Sam Mam will meet Our Needs 1st Not just over politics, but in place of politics..! & Unlike Americans, Sam Mam doesNt live in a bubble, She doesNt think of & live only for herself, She doesNt live selfishly like Americans, She will actually Help the innocents trapped & suffering in poverty, unemployment, abuse, trafficking etc. In 3rd-World Countries Worldwide❕🌍 🥰 ; Which is Why They/We Must be our own leaders building/living in our self-governing parallel societies under our Christian Nationalism now❗✅ [Obviously people, under my rule - I'll be doing the main things but Trump will still get to be in politics if he wants - He will be put in charge of the Department/s whose problems, he solved best during 2016-2020 - So, if he was best at reducing the deficit, He will get to Resume that good work of his etc. (So, it's Not like he'll/they'll be totally out of the picture) ⬅️ This Way, Both Sides (Their fans/supporters & My fans/supporters) will be happy..❕✅ 🙂]

3️⃣. What have they done to eliminate property taxes & fund the school system through sales tax ❓❓ 4️⃣. Is your church using yall' money to have trained armed security guards at every public school your kids go to & If yall caNt afford that coz it's a small church.., Then does your church at least weekly tell yall to Homeschool your kids so school shootings would never happen or so yall just woNt have to worry about this anymore ❓❓(If U really love your kids, U'll homeschool them..❕)

5️⃣. What have they done to dissolve NATO or get the USA Out of NATO (coz NATO is no longer a defense alliance anymore, it's now a war machine) & Out of the UN & Out of the WHO (world health organization) & Out of any other globalist controlled organization ❓❓❗ ⬅️ If They caNt answer these questions, Then that church/christian TV & online channel Not supposed to exist ❗6️⃣. Globalism was created by the Globalists (who are the Jesuits, Jewish World Order, Committee of 300 aka the Atlantic Alliance - These are Not the good Jewish people that God admiringly mentions in the Bible. No - these Globalists are Khazarians who descend from Lucifer & his fellow fallen angels as God mentions in His Bible books of Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 28:18, Job 1:6-12, Zechariah 3:1,2). 

Things of Globalism are : Democracy (which is all the different races living mixed up with each other..!) 🔸 The Fed Government, The UN (United Nations), NATO🔸 The IRS (coz taxation is theft, No taxation of the citizenry is necessary, Govt needs to print tax revenue for itself, No debt for money printed, Just Money to provide services...!) , The FBI & CIA 🔸 TV/the Entertainment Industry (including Hollywood & the Porn industry) 🔸 Big Pharma & Fake Pandemics 🔸Big Tech & their Technocracy/CyberWarfare they're doing against us... 🔸Unnecessary Wars.. 🔸 LGBTQIAs... (Transgenders is a few steps away from Transhumans, apparently..! 😦) ⬅️⬆️ What Has Your Church done, To destroy the Globalists & All these their things of Globalism❓❓❓❓❗If Your Church has NOT done anything to destroy the Globalists & their Globalism, then that is a False Church that U are In - Leave It & Find a church that IS destroying the Globalists & their Globalism, Immediately ❗✔️ 

When I Asked Them these Qs ,95%-99% Of People Answered these questions like so : "No, our church did Not vote 4 Trump' re-election in 2020, They did Not do anything against to expose & Stop the Voter Fraud that happened to Trump in 2020, They doNt do anything about taxes, They areNt doing anything to dissolve NATO.." ; False Churches Say "there must be a separation of church & state" ie. Christians should Not get involved in politics (Therefore the heathens have gotten to destroy every country❗😠), True Churches Know to be heavily involved in politics Coz politics has got to do with every part of our lives❕ (Therefore we True Christians are the only ones saving every country❗) 🔶 I Asked Them : When was the last time your pastor visited U at your home & went straight to Asking U "what are your problems❔" & went straight to actually Solving your problems ❓❓ Most People Said : "Our pastor/s never visit us at home (& in the cases where the church is a megachurch, They doNt even shake our hands after the church service is over & as we're all leaving the building to go home❕😧) ⬅️ This is shocking/unacceptable coz nicely they take our tithes/offerings/ donations ,But caNt/doNt make time to sit down with their members 1-on-1 to solve their problems❕😠

So, because most people' churches/pastors didNt help destroy the Globalists & their Globalism, is why they left/stopped going to church. But they STILL want to be Christians ⬅️ These people are just supposed to join us in living under our Christian Nationalism, the books that explain it are advertised below, They're cheap so U can BUY to Read it & so U will then join us in building our paralell societies now❕👍 🙂

Can U See how with the invention of the TV [began media influence on people..It spoilt people, & as they became more & more spoilt - That's when they began creating more & more sinful ideas (in their ever increasing disobedience/rebellion/depravity..) like feminism, pro-abortion ie. Murder , the LGBTQs movement etc. that we hate so much ❕❔] -The TV went From being apart of & kept Inside a cabinet To being Outside a cabinet To being freestanding To being portable To being more & more compact & easier to carry like a laptop...To now being in the palm of our hands > smartphones >📱❔ ⬅️ This Was Humans Pushing God further & further away & pulling entertainment/sin closer & closer to themselves ,This was them having stopped clinging to God & having started clinging to entertainment/sin more & more since the 1950s ❗& this is how they began destroying America (& the Globalists came in for the pickings from the 1940s-1970s ..!😥😠) ⬅️ & because They Knew that this is what they were doing, & they felt Guilty about this ,is WHY U can see they began placing the substances (cigarettes, cigars, alcohol & drugs) near those TVs, hoping it would kill their guilt..❕😥 🤥 😯

Using the TV/broadcasting system for sin/to encourage people to sin ➖ people began smoking, drinking & eating more (& in front of/while watching TV -Yes, in/from the 1950s only not just from the 1970s..So I guess we shouldNt be surprised that being obese is like the norm now❕Americans & now people worldwide are the most slothful now..! 😰) & began losing their goodlooks & classiness & started becoming lazy, fat & ugly more & more 😖; They lost their respectfulness/being obedient.. & started being disrespectful/disobedient/rebellious..spoilt..entitled.. ⬅️ ie. Sinful -more & more ❗😢 Most people agree that when America created the TV 📺 & Hollywood/allowed the TV & Hollywood to be created in it, From then on America & the world began going down (as other states in America followed California' example & also started creating & becoming entertainment kingdoms e.g.. Las Vegas..famous worldwide) & this is NOT a coincidence..❕😣

I was shocked to read recently that Hollywood was about sinning, actually from even the 1920s❕😮 (Not just from the 1970s as most of us thought..!😯). I've gone on asking : What is America/ns' obsession with entertainment - Turning everything into a show (coz it's like a very unhealthy, abnormal way of functioning..) ❓❗❓ Well, Now we know the answer to this question too..❕🙁

But whose idea was the TV 📺❔

The Globalists/corrupt evil rich democrats/liberals/communists/socialists/marxists Jews created Hollywood/the TV ,So they can then Use these too, to socially engineer everyone..& to keep everyone distracted from the way they've gone & are still destroying this world 🌍 with their democracy/pluralism/globalism 😥😠☹️😢 Really❕ The day these Marxist Jews chose money & power (1-2 centuries ago) Over segregation & Replaced our segregation with their democracy from around 1964 - was the beginning of the end, of this modern world..❕😢

The Bible Book Of Revelations Chapters 1️⃣2️⃣ & 1️⃣3️⃣

How Did America 🇺🇸 ,Europe 🇪🇺 etc. Fall ❓ They Fell When the Globalists (ie. the marxist democrat Jews) got them to replace God With Sin...They Fell When they went FROM being the powerhouse Christian capital of this world TO being the entertainment/sin capital of this world, They Fell When they went FROM being a god-believing, god-fearing, bible-clinging, proud christian nation TO being a (therefore now decaying) sin-loving nation...❕"What Is Babylon❓" ⬅️ It Is that sinful world out there where only all the heathens & false christians live.. Babylonians ie. All Non-christians are so busy enjoying their destructive sinful lives, that they got No time for God..❕😠 (God is too big & needs/wants All of us & All of our time everyday ,anyway..Very few people can give God all of themselves & all of their time everyday..!)

Fast Forward to now Aug/2022, Now we know that (when at one time, every country was turned To God), it's the Globalists who turned America & every country into Babylon all over again from the 1930s-1950s..❗😢

1️⃣. So Now that U Know about this False Christianity - Now U Know Why In It, there's No connection to/with God & there is only alotta emptiness (yes, emptiness in their talking, emptiness in their preaching/teaching & that irritating emptiness especially in their secular christian songs..! 😖) ❎ & Only In True Christianity, there is that Most Important thing ie. That Fullness Of Life (that fulfillment/satisfaction that every single person daily desires for..) that every human being needs/wants..! ✅

2️⃣. We have a saying : If U're gonna do something, Do it properly Or doNt do it at all ❕ ⬅️ Apply This to being a Christian ➡️ If U're gonna be a Christian, Have The Guts To Be A True Christian Or doNt enter Christianity & call yourself a christian, at all !

3️⃣. If that sinful life there in Babylon was so great, Why do they need to always be done up on the outside of them (their hair & makeup is always done, They usually look good) ❓ ⬅️ It's Not just to deceive people , tempt them & reel them into Babylon but also to cover up their sinning/sins & the fact that that sinful life is actually filled with/made up of negative things...❕

4️⃣. Step Back & Ask Yourself (with the blinders off your eyes now !) : Who is destroying my beloved neighbourhood/township/town/ city/province/state/country/continent ❗❓ 😠 In All Honesty, U'll See that it's always the heathens + false christians = Satan' Children who are destroying everything❗Everywhere throughout this planet, They are busy destroying everyone & everything & While doing this, U'll Find them wanting to have/live the best life & wanting to enjoy life...! 🔶 I know these False Christians are apart of Satan' Children also Coz they reacted to my truth-filled blogpost, the same way my heathen family & neighbors here where I live react united in their sinning against me/against my true christian living ⬅️ So yes, thanks to this my personal life experience with Satan' Children ,Is How these False Pastors etc. In TBN/Daystar/MyFaithTV etc. Got caught out ⬅️ & it gave me the right to keep telling the world the truths about them! 🙂 It was these False Christian TV Channels being Satan' army doing war against me coz I exposed the truths about them...when Elvis Presley was at his best, he made the girls/ladies scream & go wild in madness/hysteria..❕🤭 ⬅️ Similarly, I make Satan' Children, demons blush & just go crazy..! 😆 Hey, what can I say -I guess I am the Elvis Presley of True Christianity, then..❕❔😅 

That's Right - Everytime, We found something we liked/loved/are good at doing & tried to succeed at it..Who comes against it, Takes it away from us thereby preventing us from progressing & prospering in life❓❗😠 Yes, It's always the heathens & false christians who come against us & our things❕ So, we must hate them, stay far away from them & never have anything to do with them ; For our schooling/finding a transport/Job.., We must continuously Believe that God will make a way for us, where there seems to be no way, As we continuously have all of our hope, trust & faith only in Him❕✝️ 🙌 🙏🙂 Question : "How Can I Know that I am apart of God' Chosen Few & Saved❔" ⬅️ Answer : Everyone will come against U to destroy U, Even when U didNt go near them or say or do anything wrong to them..! DoNt ever give in to their abuse/persecution of U & doNt ever give up, Ok? Ok - Hugs! 🥰

5️⃣. About the False Christians > As their father Satan/Lucifer sinned ,When God found out, God therefore kicked him down to earth out of heaven Milleniums ago & Lucifer has been destroying everything ever since ➖ Just So, when they started sinning & still tried to be in Christianity/In our churches ,When we found out, We kicked them out ,They left ,They created false christianity & have also been destroying everyone & everything throughout this planet ever since 〰️ They are like their father Satan... 🙁

6️⃣. About the False Christians > When they allowed sinners to be in churches ⬅️ This caused people to leave the churches & churches to close down. Now when they've sinned on these Christian TV Channels ⬅️ This must cause people to Switch OFF these Christian TV Channels & cause them to also close down (what these False Christian TV Channels show, is Not a True reflection of the current state of America anyway..). RECAP : If U Want To Sin , U stay there in Babylon - U doNt dare come into Christianity❗❗ Coz No one is allowed to sin here in Christianity - For it is the Body/Bride/Church of God Jehovah/Jesus Christ Himself & this obviously must remain continuously Pure (& it woNt be/remain pure, If anyone in it is sinning - Like Duh❕) 

🟨 So, Its the False Christians Who Brought Sin & Division (like all these different denominations like Catholic/Pentecostal/Presbyterian/Methodist/Lutheran...) Into Christianity/the church decades ago ❓❓Correct. 🟨 So, False Christianity, like the heathen/pagan religions/cults, Is yet another sin-loving divided cult driven by money/by the love of money (& that's now also destroying itself) ❓❓ Correct. 🟨 So, On Top Of Not Solving Problems & Not Fixing America & the world, On Top Of Lying To People Using God' Bible Word , & only creating more problems for us (false Christianity has produced all the different types of horrible people all around us we hate so much today..) ,The False Christians have also been making it Unsafe for us to go to church, putting our lives in danger 😠 (mass shootings at churches is the shooters trying to kill off these False Christians For Us) , So Stopsupporting these False Christians' websites, apps, podcasts, YouTube channels, Facebook channels etc. , Stop buying their magazines, books, DVDs etc. ➖ To Punish Them for bringing Sin into & for allowing sinners in Christianity/into the church/into the Body of Christ..❗✅ When/After they have sold their private jets, mansions..all their luxuries & spent all those Millions eradicating crime/poverty/unemployment etc. Throughout whichever country they live in ,Maybe Then We will allow them to be in our presence & will hear them out -Until Then, bye bye fallen angels❗👋

7️⃣. Under True Christian Rule, Life Is Best ; If We True Christians were ruling : 🟢 there would be No Debt (while under Democrat rule yall have a $30Trillion+ debt..! 😠) 🟢 there would be No Open Borders & No illegal immigrants (under Democrat rule yall have 15Million+ illegals...!) & their sanctuary cities 🟢 there would be No Non-christians ie. Heathens allowed to live amongst us...( all the countries that allowed 3rd world most of them Non-christians immigration , Are now destroyed countries as a result..!) 🟢 there would be No drug industry (No one would be allowed to take substances Therefore there'd be virtually No Crime..No trafficking 🟢 No Porn destroying relationships/marriages 🟢 there'd be No Wars - We would Not be involved in wars & helping other countries fight their wars (while there is this now under Democrat rule..!) 🟢 there would be No pandemics, No BigTech, No BigPharma etc. Playing with people' lives...❗ 🟢 there would be a 1-Child-Per-Family policy (most of the poor would be sterilized if they don't remain childless in their own..!) 🟢 No daily Chicago killings 🟢 there would be segregation coz we know from past experience that it meant people were kept in their places therefore we didNt have to worry about black people stealing from/robbing/harming/killing us ,Instead it was so safe outside that we could walk long distances outside even at night..& there was generally more respect amongst people❕🟢 there would be No high unemployment ,crime & corruption 🟢 Encourage Homeschooling your kids Only with/through a Christian Curriculum, since today' public schools teach kids wrong doNt seem to learn much...! 🙃 🟢 No unsafe sex & abortions ..! 🟢 No corrupt rich people ie. The Globalists like George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, The Rothschilds, Blackrock... etc. Companies like BLM regularly doing/spreading civil disobedience..everywhere..(rich people & all government officials on every level would Not be allowed to be corrupt, They would Not be allowed to pocket the Money that belongs to service delivery for the people) ! 🟢 On Sun 22/Jan/2023, my sister who lives in California, USA said that a shop/store didNt wanna allow a man into their store because he was wearing a "Jesus Saves" T-shirt❕⬅️ 😠 This is so Unacceptable. Such tolerance 4 sin & intolerance 4 Christianity would Never be allowed under my rule..❕👏 ✝️ 🙂 🟢

☑️ If we True Christians ruled (ie. Via Christian Nationalism), this would be such a different world - It would be heaven on earth ,compared to the Hell it is now..! So always Vote 🗳 in every mid-term & main election & always Vote Only For & support Only Us True Christian Conservative Candidates to represent your ward/district/county/town/city/province/state/country... & Vote for Segregation 2.0 wherever U live❕👍 Ok? Ok - hugs 🥰

Read 📃


Testimony ⤵️

Olesja said :"Now that we've Left that cult of False Christianity, We feel cleansed, unburdened (free from the burden of living the Lie & deceived by choice..!) ,We feel relieved & Free coz only now that we're living only in True Christianity, We are truly free in Christ❕🙂

GK ⤵️

1️⃣. The field of evolutionary ethics (is a body of heathens/ atheists..& atheists are people who doNt believe there is a God...) Says the blatant LIE that U can have morality withOut a God in your life.. 🤦‍♀️

2️⃣. Growing up, I always thought that science & evolution were 2 different/seperate things but during the past 20 years (from 2000-2020), science & evolution seem to have merged & become One..! 😆🤭 (They say "evolution is also the scientific theory that embodies biology, including all organisms & their characteristics.. Evolution is the most important theory in biology..." 🤷‍♂️) ➖ The Heathens aka the Non-christians say the LIE that Science created us & everything - Evolution becoming apart of science has made science an even bigger enemy of our Creationism..❕🙂

3️⃣. The nations of this world can either remain distinct (ie. Nationalism), OR they can coalesce (ie. Internationalism) OR they can disintegrate (ie. Tribalism) ⬅️ We True Christians choose to remain distinct therefore we are for Christian Nationalism (Read &

/ )❕✅

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In the Babylon part of this site, I mention the Globalists - BUY to Read this Book to Understand about the Globalists & their Globalism❕📘 🙂
In the Babylon part of this site, I mention the Globalists - BUY to Read this Book to Understand about the Globalists & their Globalism❕📘 🙂
In the Bottom Half of this site, I mention Christian Nationalism (which is the Only type of government every country supposed to be functioning under !). BUY these Books to understand & Agree with it❕📙📔 📙📔
In the Bottom Half of this site, I mention Christian Nationalism (which is the Only type of government every country supposed to be functioning under !). BUY these Books to understand & Agree with it❕📙📔 📙📔

In the Top half of this site, I mention the evil of Feminism that has destroyed America & every country where it exists [because Feminism is Woman being Out of their place, in the home & in society❕Woman carrying on like men❕(It makes us physically sick when we see woman disregard & disrespect men..❕) & before we knew it, there were lesbians, gays, bisexuals..! Yes ! 1 of the Main Reasons Why We Hate Feminism, is because it paved the way for & opened the door to the the other Unnecessary sin/evil of LGBTQIAs (which is another product of the Globalists' globalism/democracy !)] ; Some call them Feminazis but I say Feminists are like Not humans obviously coz of how they Sin , While We Real Woman Say : We are nothing withOut men, We need men.. (This doesNt include the lazy/slothful/immature/ugly/ pedophiles/psychos/criminals) So, We Must Always Respect Men ❕✅ 🙂 BUY This Book 📕, U might Enjoy it..❕🙂 📱

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